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Regenity Biosciences helps medtech companies invent and manufacture advanced solutions for healing. We’re known for rigorous, yet fast-paced product development, with the ability to offer your sales channel private label products in just 3-4 months. Our collagen and polymer-based solutions fulfill clinical needs today in dental, orthopedic, spine, ENT, neurosurgery, nerve repair and sports medicine. 


Regenity Biosciences is a trusted developer and manufacturer of OEM and private-label xenograft-derived collagen dental membranes, anorganic bone graft substitutes, collagen dental wound dressings, and a provider of synthetic bone graft substitutes to the global dental community.

Dural Repair & Closure

Regenity’s full line of collagen dural repair products serve to repair a wide manner of defects to dura mater. The range of offerings allows for a variety of resorption times, surge strengths, and conformability levels. Dural repair products, including onlay and suturing solutions, are available for a variety of indications through private label and the Regenity brand.

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgery

Regenity Biosciences has developed and manufactured market-leading ENT wound dressing products based on our biodegradable poly-urethane esters. Our ENT products were acquired by a large medical device company. These easy-to-use dressings have been used in more than five million surgical procedures around the world.

Nerve Repair

Regenity has developed and commercialized peripheral nerve repair products to improve surgical outcomes and patient recovery. These xenograft and synthetic solutions give surgeons the flexibility to choose from diverse repair approaches, including bridging, capping, and protecting damaged nerves in order to achieve functional recovery, reduce unwanted scar formation, and prevent neuroma.

By using our proprietary collagen-derived or degradable caprolactone co-polyester material, our products offer favorable profiles in terms of tissue support, guidance, and healing. After fulfilling their function, the products are either safely metabolized into naturally occurring substances or excreted from the body.

Spine & Orthopedics

Regenity’s xenograft mineral and collagen composite matrix bone graft substitutes are used by orthopedic surgeons around the world. Sold under private label and the Regenity brand, our portfolio includes collagen tendon wraps to manage tendon injuries where there has been no substantial loss of tendon tissue. Serving the global spinal surgery community, our bone graft substitutes are sold under private label as well as our own brand name.

Technology Platforms

Our versatile tissue engineering technologies support the development of bioresorbable and biocompatible devices that facilitate tissue and bone regeneration.

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